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The Mid-Atlantic Clean Hydrogen Hub (MACH2™) team is pleased to announce that the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has encouraged the group to submit a full application for the Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs Program.

What is a Hydrogen Hub?

Created by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs program will award up to $7 billion to establish up to 10 regional clean hydrogen hubs across the country. Regions are competing for federal funding that can be used over a decade on projects that demonstrate the production, processing, delivery, storage, and end use of clean hydrogen and create model networks of hydrogen producers, hydrogen consumers, and connective infrastructure in a close geographic area.

In the first stage, DOE received nearly 80 concept papers from around the country, and after review, 33 were encouraged to submit a full application — including MACH2™.

Senator Tom Carper courtesy UD Photo Services
“Bringing a hydrogen hub to Delaware and our region will support good-paying union jobs and help us fight climate change — a win-win. “Clean hydrogen is the key to reducing emissions in the sectors of our economy, including heavy industry and transportation, which are the hardest to decarbonize. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law supports the production and deployment of clean hydrogen and there isn’t anywhere better in the world for a hydrogen hub than Delaware. The Mid-Atlantic Clean Hydrogen Hub proposal combines our region’s biggest strengths — from our labor workforce and existing infrastructure to our large hydrogen production capacity and diverse demand across an array of industries — to make this an ideal location for a hydrogen hub.”

U.S. Sen. Tom Carper, Chairman, Senate Environment and Public Works Committee

A Strategy for Success

The Mid-Atlantic Clean Hydrogen Hub (MACH2™) proposes to establish a hydrogen hub that will connect hydrogen producers and consumers throughout the entire state of Delaware and the regions of Southern New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania. Throughout this region – which is home to nearly 4 million people and numerous manufacturing, chemical and bioscience companies – producers, distributors, and users are not only internally connected via existing pipelines but also link via existing regional pipelines to geographic locations beyond this three-state hub.



  • Leveraging existing technology and infrastructure strengths within the region to generate clean hydrogen.
  • Reusing and revitalizing existing pipeline infrastructure that lie unused as the region’s large refineries have ceased operating.
  • Retaining and creating several thousand well-paying jobs through re-training, up-skilling and talent pipeline building.
  • Providing economic opportunities as well as health improvement for historically underserved communities.
  • Positioning our network for potential future expansion and network connectivity across Northeastern, Southeastern, and Midwestern regions.
Tri-state map

MACH2’s Management Team and the Hydrogen Ecosystem

MACH2™’s management team has the qualifications, experience, and capabilities necessary to design, develop, build, and operate the Mid-Atlantic Clean Hydrogen Hub. Leaders from energy, communications, transportation, labor, and industry, as well as from educational and research institutions, environmental justice organizations, and government offices are involved in guiding this innovative endeavor. The MACH2 Hydrogen Ecosystem includes:
MACH2's Ecosystem Map