Workforce Development

The Mid-Atlantic Clean Hydrogen Hub (MACH2™) is the only hub that is largely led by organized labor, specifically the regional building trades of Philadelphia, Delaware and Southern New Jersey.

The New Clean Energy Workforce

Growth in the energy industry is outpacing the skilled workforce needed to meet the demands of employers. In order to meet this need, we must create more jobs and transition workers into the clean energy workforce. This will require dedicated workforce development that mobilizes regional partnerships to provide hands-on training and industry-specific knowledge. Through this workforce development, MACH2™ will support a green energy economy and meet the needs of clean energy businesses unable to find qualified workers while positioning the region for the coming U.S. energy transition.

Help lead the way in the clean energy transition.

Ensuring Quality Jobs and a Future-Ready Workforce

MACH2™’s project team is poised to train the new energy workforce by mobilizing employers in partnership with an expanding coalition of committed stakeholders — including regional workforce and economic development boards, training and service providers, organized labor, and community and equity advisors with support from city, county, and other municipal representatives.

MACH2™ will rely on a robust talent pipeline to enter the new clean energy job arena this project will create, so we are working with educational institutions that share our commitment to develop equitable and inclusive career pathways for students. By collaborating with community colleges, HBCUs, and other training providers to develop micro-credentialing, stackable credential programs, and apprenticeships and pre-apprenticeships in addition to 2- to 4-year degrees, we are encouraging a diverse workforce while making these careers more accessible to jobseekers from different backgrounds and education levels.

Organized Labor

MACH2™ is the only hub that is largely led by organized labor, specifically the regional building trades of Philadelphia, Delaware, and Southern New Jersey. We are also engaged with the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) labor unions across communities in the region that employ workers within the petroleum industry to ensure effective re-skilling and pathways to hydrogen industry job and career opportunities.

Educational Institutions

MACH2™ is collaborating with educational institutions, including the University of Delaware, Delaware State University, and Rowan University in New Jersey, alongside labor and industry stakeholders to develop relevant educational curricula and training programs for future workers of both mid- and high-skill energy economy positions.

Strategic Alignement

MACH2™ will focus on identifying areas of strategic alignment and prioritizing energy sector jobs in need of training. Our energy sector partners will train workers for the rapidly growing energy market and will help to create pathways into well-paying, union jobs with a focus on local historically underserved communities.

Job Creation

More wage-sustaining union jobs for people in construction, manufacturing, and other sectors
MACH2™’s and its partners will design an integrated workforce development system calibrated to meet existing and emerging industry skills needs, coordinate and synchronize regional training efforts, and connect career seekers to quality jobs.